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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flat Reed: "Mommy's" New Books

We've been collecting children's books ever since Abbey and I have known each other. My mom, Flat Reed's "Enna," sent Abbey a couple of new books to Abbey for her birthday. They are really neat books. I always love getting new books. Children's books are the best ones to read because they are short and have pictures!

I've not had a chance to read over this one, yet, but the title intrigues me, "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes." If ever there was a child who will be loved like "crazy cakes," it is our son!

Flat Reed's Aunt Ava has started an online business selling her hand-painted canvasses. She is making personalized ones for people who request them. Here's one that she made for Reed.

The artwork is great for hanging in an office, bedroom, or wherever you need a splash of color. They are really neat. You should go to Ava's Originals link to the right and check out what she has for sale. I love this quote about adoption. It's really neat.
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