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Friday, April 27, 2007

Flat Reed: Daddy Discovers IKEA

Okay, I am in Houston and my family is home in Nashville. Abbey and Flat Reed were not able to come with me on this trip. Tonight after supper, we went to IKEA because I had never been. Oh my goodness! Abbey and I MUST plan a field trip to Atlanta soon! I cannot believe everything that they have! That place is huge!

I just got really excited because when I looked at the IKEA Web site, I saw that there was a store in Portland where I am going to be next weekend! Well, I clicked on the link to see how far it was from the church that I am going to be teaching at and wouldn't you know it, the store is open yet! Blah!

On a good note, I found what I think will be a couple of good options for a rug for Reed's room. There are also some incredible organization things. If I ever talk Abbey into letting me buy and old building on our town square and renovating it into our home, this will be a great place to find furniture for loft-like living.

I did buy Abbey a couple of goodies and I bought Reed a little present. It's really neat. I'll takea picture of Flat Reed using his new goodie when I get home.
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