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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flat Reed: IncogREEDo

Since LandLife has become such a popular site for people to visit, mobs of people have been coming up to Flat Reed everywhere he goes. In the interest of his privacy we have come up with a little disguise. Now, we can go to Target and Chick Fil A without throngs of men and women walking up wanting to get their picture with him.

Although his parents are not very athletic, we do know that God has a sense of humor and it seems that Flat Reed has taken to playing catch. Maybe an uncle or someone can come and help him out. He certainly doesn't need his father trying to tell him to go for a homerun on the football field.

No matter where you are, you always need your paci!

Flat Reed sent his Lola some flowers for her 50th birthday. Since Lola's birthday came so close to Easter, we came to celebrate. Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie will be coming up tomorrow sometime.

And finally ... our first family portrait. Molly, do you recognize that baby, I mean, other than the head?
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