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Thursday, April 19, 2007


We don't have a bonus room, for that matter, we don't have any good room to put children's toys. So, we had built-ins made for our dining room wall that has been big and empty since we moved into our house. We had really no idea what to do with the space. Then, we went to Jason and Leslie's, they had put in built-ins in this odd space in their house. We figured that would be a great place for our odd spot.

This is the first time since we have been married that we have had a good place to display all of our Gail Pittman and our Peter's Pottery. But, getting back to space issue, we now have 4 cabinets which will be the perfect place to put Reed's toys. Flat Reed was thrilled with the new built-ins. He quickly scaled the wall and took advantage of a photo op with the GP.

Ooops! Flat Reed got his fingers stuck in the doors. He didn't cry a bit. We're going to have to get some more of those protector things. We're not putting only toys in those cabinets. We'll store our wireless router and cable router in the cabinets, our printer, and we store the laptop and Macbook in there.

Flat Reed just loves playing in things. All of the toys we will buy him will probably be a waste as he will be content just playing in a cardboard box! Isn't that the way most kids are?

Flat Reed is going to be spending the weekend with just his mommy because I have got to go to Atlanta to teach a conference. Flat Reed is going to get to go with me to teach a conference in Portland, OR in a couple of weeks. We thought we would take advantage of a photo op with the adoption agency that has coordinated this addition to our family. I have already emailed our caseworker who is excited about getting to get a picture with Flat Reed.

I am not sure if Flat Reed is going to get to go to Houston with me next weekend for a conference. After we figure out how we are going to arrange the furniture we'll let Flat Reed get some pictures with new arrangement.
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