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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flat Reed: A Place To Lay My Head

It's been a long and trying process, but Reed finally has a baby bed. We originally had chosen a bed from Target, however, when we finally found a store that had the bed it was broken. We searched a total of 5 stores and here are our statistics.

60% of the stores had the bed on display.
20% of the stores had the bed in stock (and it was broken).
100% of the stores had clueless associates.
40% of the stores had the bed on display, but had never actually seen it in a box.
0% of the Lands were happy about this.

Flat Reed was really excited to finally see the new bed, which we got at Babies R Us. It was actually quite easy to put together and I believe that it has the style we were looking for. The best thing is that it is white, and the bed from Target was off-white which meant we were going to have to paint all of the other furniture in the room to match it.

Flat Reed was amazed by all of the room and he especially loved the comfortable mattress. He wanted to know if Aunt Ava could come and visit so they could jump on the bed.

My mom used to always sing to us when we woke up in the morning, and I wouldn't be surprised if she sang when we went to bed when we were little, too (but I can't remember that far back!). I believe that we will be doing a lot of singing to our little Reed.
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