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Monday, April 09, 2007

Flat Reed: My New Shelves

Some of you may know that we have been looking for a bookcase for Reed's room. We wanted something that would match the look of the other furniture, which meant that it had to be older. We have seen a few modern pieces that we liked, but none of them quite had the look we were going for.

While we were in Memphis, we went to this consignment furniture store. We looked for a few minutes and then ... bam! There it was. It was an older piece of furniture, completely covered in ugly dishes. I searched for the price and finally I found the tag. The price for this treasure find, $35.00. You read it right, 35 buckaroos! We bought it.

Today, Flat Reed helped me wipe it down before we gave it a nice paint job.

Flat Reed got in on a little painting action too. Generally, I would not recommend allowing a 6-week-old use spray paint, but considering Flat Reed isn't a "weal" boy, I thought it would be alright.

Once, we finished painting it, it was time to let it dry. After a couple of hours, we hauled it upstairs to Reed's room to see if it fit. His room has a slanted wall just inside the door. Would you believe that the shelf fit absolutely perfectly right on that wall! It is amazing. And the door still opens and closes all the way!

Notice the quilt at Flat Reed's feet. That was a special surprise we had when we came home from Memphis yesterday. Aunt Mellie made that for her great-nephew Reed. She didn't know it, but the colors are PERFECTLY matched to the colors in Reed's room.
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