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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flat Reed: Construction Site

Flat Reed got to visit his first ever construction site this weekend, while Abbey spent some time with the Sprinkles. His first order of business was to go dumpster diving. You know every two month old needs to be able to dive in a dumpster. It helps build up the ole immune system.

I was a little concerned that Flat Reed's mom allowed him to go dumpster diving in a clearly marked dangerous dumpster. I was a wee bit concerned with the fact that the Sprinkles are housing a "dangerous" dumpster on their new property. What if Walty and Flat Reed got hurt while dumpster diving? I think they should only have safe dumpsters on their property.

"Wow, Nana Sprinkles, this window has a really pretty view. Is this where I get to play?"

"Putty look at me! I'm way up in the air."

"Nana Sprinkles, this view is awesome. Now all you need is a hot tub for Putty to relax in, while you go shopping in your new Lincoln MKZ. I think that Putty is going to buy you one for Mother's Day!" (note: I believe this is the first time that we have shown the backside of Flat Reed, so you can see, we didn't give him hair!)

"Putty look at my sliding. Nana said you couldn't because she was scared you would fall and break an ankle or something, AGAIN!"

I really question my wife allowing my precious little Flat Reed to walk across a piece of wood by himself!
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