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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flat Reed: Workin' at the Car Wash

Flat Reed and I were supposed to be fixing the leak in the guest bathroom, but after two attempts at Lowe's we gave up. Abbey has a friend whose husband is a plumber, so he is supposed to be coming over at some point to work on it.

I then thought that it would be fun if Flat Reed helped me wash my Jeep.

"Daddy, I'm good at washing the window aren't I?"

I think that Flat Reed really enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather yesterday. He was helpful. Now Flat Reed has some comments that are strongly supported by his mom and dad:

"What is up with Sanjaya? I mean, is it really possible for him to stay on AI. I bet he can't even make a good "OOHH!" face like I can. I can sing better than him, and I don't even know how to talk. And, come on, he's trying to grow a goattee now? I am trying to be nice, by saying trying. He's like a train wreck. Come on, blog fans, let's vote Sanjaya off!"

Wow! This kid has got to be ours. He fits so perfectly into our family. Like his dad, he knows how to subtly express his opinion.
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