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Monday, April 16, 2007

Flat Reed: Happy 2nd Month

Can you believe that our little boy is now 2 months old? Even though he is not here yet, it is important that we celebrate his birthday.

This morning, I went running at 5:00 with our friend Jeff. I think that it must have worn me out, because when I came home I fell asleep. Flat Reed and Mommy must have thought it was cute to take a picture of me all snuggled up with my favorite blanket.

Just an oddity. Tonight I placed my glass of tea on the end table near Abbey. I looked at it a few minutes later and only the ice was left. I thought Abbey had finished it off for me, that's not really unusual. However, when Abbey looked over, the table (which has a lip on it) was FULL of tea. Apparently my glass cracked somehow. We heard a pop, but we didn't know where it came from.

Now, for a birthday prayer.

Father in Heaven,

Watch over my little boy. Be with him and help him to know that hundreds of people are praying for his union with us. Help him to feel the love that his mom and dad have for him, which is more than we ever realized was possible. God, keep him safe as he goes throughout his daily routine. Give him sweet sleep and days full of laughter. Help him to be a joy to those around him that he is to us. Father, we pray for his foster parents that they would be able to show our little Reed some of the love which we plan to give him. Be with the Taiwanese government, help them to work quickly and accurately on our papers so that Reed can be home with his family soon. We thank you, honor you, bless you, and praise you for this amazing gift which you have given us. Your grace is amazing and your love is more abundant than we can ever comprehend.

In Your precious son Jesus' name,

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