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Friday, April 28, 2006

World's Biggest Fish Fry

Today I had the pleasure of driving some of the senior adults from our church to the "World's Biggest Fish Fry" in Paris (Tennessee, that is). It was a great trip to Paris. The fish, however, left something to be desired. Call me crazy but I really like the fish from places such as, Catfish House or Cock of the Walk.

You know, I think that if God intended for people to still be eating fish with bones in it, he would not have allowed someone to come up with filleting them. Remember that food is generally not good when produced in mass quantities. Also, don't forget that catfish is only good when it is "Mississippi Farm Raised"!

The WBFF got even more exciting when we went to look at the "craft" booths. Children cover your eyes while I explain what I think about crafts. *clear throat* There is a reason why the words crap and craft sound so much alike.

I walked around and listened to the girl who was performing (you know the token girl, who's mother has told her all her life that she can sing, and now she's gonna make Paris famous for producing the next big star, NOT!). I looked at the carnival rides, got heckled by the vendors tempting me to win a giant stuffed Spongebob for my woman, and then looked at the crap, oh, I mean crafts.

So you might be wondering if I spent any money at the WBFF? Yes, I bought a lemonade, candy apple, and cotton candy. Do you think I am a sugar addict?

You know, regardless of the "less than stellar" WBFF, I had a great time. We have wonderful seniors at our church and I am glad that I got to get to know them better.

*Frank Update: Great night last night, rough day today. He'll be in the hospital another night.
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