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Friday, April 14, 2006


Okay, so I admit it. I have quirks. Not a surprise to you all I am sure. One of my oddest quirks is my facination with mailboxes. It almost uncontrollable for me to try to not to evaluate a person's mailbox. I love neighborhoods where everyone has the same mailbox (well, when the mailbox is not really weird like the ones I saw in the new neighborhood in Pleasant View the other day).

When we bought our first house, it was brand-new. Therefore, there was no mailbox. The picture above is the one (except the actual box was natural copper) that I bought from Copper Sculptures, Inc. in Brandon, Mississippi. Although I loved it, I think that there were some people who thought I was insane for paying $200.00 for a mailbox. I still contend that it is the first impression of your house when someone pulls into the driveway, so it should be nice!

One thing that attracted me to our neighborhood when we were looking for a house is that we all have the same mailbox, as seen above. Today, as I was working in my yard, I noticed how nice it was that everyone's mailbox was the same. (Okay, so maybe my doctor should up my prescription) Then I went for a ride through the subdivision that is being built at the back of our neighborhood.

It is like someone was playing mailbox potpourri back there. One street will have 6 houses with the same mailbox, then all of a sudden they change to something else. Besides the fact that the houses are ugly back there, this really detracts from the overall look of the neighborhood. Well, that's enough about mailboxes.

Survey Opportunity
I have been thinking about getting another cat so that Jack won't be by himself. Abbey is for it, I think. What do our readers think about us getting a new cat? There are a lot available that were displaced in the tornadoes last week.

Update on the patient
Abbey is doing much better today. She has taken a lot less medicine and ate a good meal. She is going to go to church with me tonight. This will be her first venture out since the surgery.
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