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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Beautiful Picture

Today Abbey and I woke up early to go visit our friend Frank before his surgery to remove cancer. We've been waiting for this surgery for a long time and we want to make sure that we got to see him before the surgery started. The mood was light, but serious. We could tell that Frank and Sheila were anxious.

Abbey had to go to school, and I stayed behind to be there during the surgery. In the time that Frank and Sheila were together before the surgery, she was careful to sit near him and hold his hand. For the past few months, Frank and Sheila have agonized and prayed about this day, and it finally arrived today.

During the surgery Sheila was cautiously talkative. You could tell that Frank was really the only thing on her mind. Each time the phone rang, Sheila popped up and ran to answer it, as if it were Ed McMahon calling to tell her she had just won a million dollars. And each time, she would thank the person on the other line, hang up and give us the report. Each time, the report seemed to get more easy.

When the doctor finally emerged from the operating room, he shared the news of the successful surgery. A surge of joy ran through me, as I am sure that it did for everyone in the room. Sheila's question, "When can I see him?" As the doctor excused himself, Sheila released herself into a beautiful, emotional cry. She loves him, it's clear. He loves her, it's obvious.

You may be wondering what the picture is in this blog, it's this, Frank and Sheila are a couple that love each other and the people around them. A little over a year ago, they meant nothing to us, but they have taken under their wing, into their home, and into their hearts. They've been there to talk to, to cry with, and laugh with. They are an example to couples young and old. I hope that it's clear to the people around me how much I love Abbey. It's easy to see that Frank and Sheila are a couple in love.
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