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Monday, April 03, 2006

Trace and Grace

Most of you know that last March, Abbey and I suffered a miscarriage. We were tremendously saddened by the loss, but God was very faithful throughout it all. As a way of remembering our little one, we decided to go to "Build a Bear" and build a little lamb. We named the lamb, Grace (a name we both love, but would never name a child that because then she would be Grace Land - we're not big Elvis fans). Grace spent many nights in our bed after the loss, but she eventually made her way to what we call the "kid room" or Carah calls it "my room."

Some of you may know that yesterday, we suffered another miscarriage. We did not really know Abbey was pregnant, but we were pretty sure. Ultimately though, she was and we had another little one go to be with Jesus. We chose to return to "Build a Bear" and we built a giraffe named Trace. He is cuddly and soft. Last night, Grace and Trace slept in our bed with us.

It is sad time yes, but it is a time full of faith and peace from our Lord. Abbey and I are positive that God has a tremendous plan for us and will use our testimony. We know that one day we'll be parents. Until then, we will be loving on our 300 kids at church and making them feel special. Of course, we'll also spoil Carah and Cate as much as possible, too.

Abbey will be returning to the doctor on Friday to begin testing for different possibilities for the miscarriages. Pray that God will provide us with answers and continued peace.
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