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Sunday, April 16, 2006


I am dedicating this post to Jack and I am not talking about the cat. Jack is a friend of mine and for security purposes I will not reveal his age or what he looks like. You see, Jack is a very cautious guy. He thinks people give too much information away on the internet. He is really cool though. I hope that one day you will ge ot know him better. I will tell you that he loves Star Wars (a movie that I have never seen in my life, or should I say movies). So, Jack, this post's for you!

The other day I was mowing my yard and I realized how great our house would look if we had a flag in front of it. I am a pretty patriotic person, so it is only fitting. So, yesterday, in one of my adventures out, I bought us a flag. Doesn't it look nice.

My other goal yesterday was to do my summer plantings in the front beds. I chose a purply theme to go with our already established burning bushes, boxwood, and plethora of yellow lilies. There are african violets, purple daisies, purple pansies and a purple leafy spreading vine. I put these all around the beds in front of the house and in the bed around the mailbox.

In our planters there are yellow gerbera daisies and in the bed in the middle of the yard there is a combination of white daisies and white begonias. They will match the orangy lilies in that bed when they bloom.

I am very happy with our yard right now. Soon I will begin working on the container garden for the back deck and the backyard flowers. Suggestions are welcome!
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