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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Java Blue Birthday

Here's a recap of Abbey's birthday festivities. Abbey's birthday was this past Saturday.

Normally on Saturday mornings, I wake up and lay there for about 15 minutes, until I get bored and start moving around and fidgetting just enough to "accidentally" wake Abbey up. Then I can turn the TV on.

This past Saturday, maybe because it was Abbey's birthday, I woke up, got up, and hit the shower. I quietly got dressed and slipped out the front door to get my version of "fixing breakfast." I went to McDonald's and got sausage bistuits and two large sweet teas (we really like their new sweet tea).

I came home and ate breakfast by myself, while letting capture more time asleep. I left Abbey a note and her birthday card on the steps, because I had to go to the HOA Compliance Meeting. When I finally got through the crowd of the neighborhood wide Garage Sale traffic after the meeting it was about 9:45. I came in and Abbey was eating her birthday breakfast. I asked her if she wanted her birthday presents, and she said that she wasn't ready just yet.

So, I waited 5 minutes, and then got it for her. She opened up the Crabtree and Evelyn box to find a jave blue large duffel, cosmetic bag, and checkbook cover. There was also a LaSource foot kit (the only reason that was in there, was because I got a great deal on it). However, when one of our mother's also gets that kit, we paid FULL PRICE for it. ;-) There was also a jave blue wallet for Abbey that I bought off ebay.

We watched television for a little while and then we went for "Abbey's choice" lunch at Burdett's Tea Room on the square. It was actually really good this time. I am not much on tea rooms, however, I thought Burdett's was pretty good.

We then headed for the church where Abbey was doing sound for a wedding. While she was working on the sound, I was working on my Saturday afternoon nap in the club chair in my office. I also finished reading a book. I have got several books in progess right now.

After the wedding festivities, we headed to Cool Springs for supper at Macaroni Grill. We ate a delicious supper (Penne Arriabiatta, Garlic Sauce over Angel hair and shrimp, Tiramisu, and Lemon Cake) and then we went to the mall to see if Mori's Luggage and Gifts had java blue napkins (which we are going to be using as artwork in the new brown bathroom). They didn't!

Then we headed for the theater where we saw "Akeelah and the Bee". It was a really good. People cried, laughed, and clapped throughout the movie. There was some foul language which could have been very easily left out of the movie.

After the movie we went by Starbucks for a peppermint hot chocolate (Abbey) and a toffee nut latte (me), and then headed home. We went to bed when we got home since it was late.

And that's the story of Abbey's birthday.
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