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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Chocolate Bathroom

You may well remember the bathroom on the left. The bright orange walls, with striped shower curtain and colorful artwork would be hard to forget. We would now like to introduce you to the new and improved chocolate bathroom.

Many of you know that brown is my absolute favorite color. I have always wanted a brown room, and until recently Abbey was totally against it. Then we went and bought towels that completely did not match the room that we bought them for. I am sure that most people would have returned the towels, but what's the fun in that? No, we decided to do a complete bathroom makeover.

You can tell from the picture above that the towels now match the bathroom. One might think that a brown bathroom would be dark and dreary, however, I think that it is quite nice. The rich brown tones are the perfect complement to the cool blue shower curtain and the soft green floormats. We opted to go for a solid shower curtain and bathmats due to the pattern in the towels and the idea that we have for the artwork for the bathroom (which I will be buying off ebay, shortly, hopefully).

There are still a few finishing touches needed in the bathroom, like painting the towel rack white (I think someone used liquid nails to get it up there). However, the bathroom is now open to visitors, so pack your overnight bag and head towards Nashville where you can use the coolest brown bathroom ever!
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