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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thousands of Eggs

It's that time of year again. Time for the the EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA coming up this weekend. Last year, we had a bunch of people here and lots of eggs. This year we have LOTS more eggs, lots more advertising, and hopefully we will have a lot more people. Plus we are having mine and Abbey's favorite, Cotton Candy!

At roughly 8:00 o'clock Saturday morning, the bounce houses will arive along with the cotton candy machine and the sno-cone juice (note: we already have a sno-cone machine). We will already be hard at work setting up the registration tables, getting some popcorn popped and working on the cotton candy. We have 6 bikes to give away (you have to bribe people to give you their name, address and phone number.) We will have 12 Easter egg hunts. I'm guessing we have over 5,000 eggs. That's alot, isn't it? I heard of a church that has 100,000 for their egg hunt. NOW, that's a WHOLE LOT!

We're getting excited! This weekend will be really busy. Abbey's WISE Women's ministry event is on Friday night, the egg hunt is Saturday morning, and the Easter Choir and Drama Presentation (starring me as Judas - must've drawn the short straw - the goattee is back temporarily) will be Saturday and Sunday evening.

Our faithful readers may have to go several days with no post, as I will be out of town Thursday and Friday in Newport, Tennessee at a state consultant training for the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Maybe Abbey will let herself be heard while I am gone!
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