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Friday, April 21, 2006

Special Request

The queen of Rosebud requested a picture of the new funky towels. I am happy to report that they did not fade during the washing machine and dryer experience. As you can see they are definitely not the normal towels that you would expect from such normal people as us (you can laugh now), but you will also have to remember that the bathroom is Tennessee Orange. We thought the towels were actually the perfect choice because they blend the green bedroom, the blue bedroom and my favorite color brown.

On other news, I had planned on mowing the yard today, but there was a monsoon. Instead, I decided to get really creative and got Abbey's stamping stuff out and made invitations for our ministry assistants at church for Administrative Professional's Day next Wednesday. (Thanks Ava for the scrapbook paper)

I guess I better start cleaning up the house for our guests. Currently on my television is Maury Povich. It's one of those situations like a car wreck where you want to look away, but you can't. It's sort of scary that people are in America that are so nuts. In case you've never watched it, don't! It's insane. Okay, now onto the housework.
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