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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Poor Patient

Here is a picture of my poor patient (aka my wife). She had extensive out-patient surgery today and has been in quite a bit of pain. She was not really thrilled with the paparazzi taking this picture, but her fans need to know that she is okay. She is a little nauseated, but as I type she is snoozing quite well from a delicious dessert of phenegran. The good news is that the doctor (the amazing Dr. Jack), was able to take care of everything and thinks that we have an excellent chance of becoming parents in the near future! Keep praying!
My parent's sent Abbey this beautiful arrangement since they could not be here for her surgery. The Hawcroft's, a family from Mississippi that are members of our church, brought a delicious meal over for supper. People are so nice!
This is a picture of Abbey's nurse/mom. She would not let me post the full picture, so I cropped it down to showing just her major nursing duties. She fears that people would be bombarding our blog for a look at the former queen of Rosebud, Mississippi. She has recently realized that she will not be able to fulfill her duties as queen of the royal kingdom of Rosebud. The first runner up, Barbara Mandrell of Miss Goldie Chicken will be the new queen.
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