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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

BM '06

I know you are all thinking that must have been one major bowel movement if we are referring to the BM '06, but alas I am referring to the "Big Move" of 2006. The BM refers to the moving of the royal throne, no pun intended, of the queen and king of Rosebud. They will now be the Queen and King of Bartlett. I'm pretty sure that they will be moving into a subdivision with a larger population than the community of Rosebud.

The new home is very nice. You can't see the three car garage from the picture. We are especially excited that the queen and king will be living much closer to us know. There is not a definite date of move in as of yet, but we'll be sure to keep you well updated.

I am sure that our readers are like me and are asking themselves, "What about the mailbox?" Contrary to word that we were sent a picture of the mailbox (hint to the queen), we have heard that it is bricked in and all of the boxes in the neighborhood are bricked! Can you sense the smile on my face for the symmetry?
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