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Thursday, April 20, 2006

3 T's - Trashy Target Towels

We're having company this weekend. Not just any company either. We are finally getting to meet Jason's (abbey's cousin) fiance' Leslie. We want to make sure we make a good impression on the new family member, so we decided to buy new towels for the guest bathroom. After an extensive search and several different choices, we decided to purchase their nicest towels Target had. Quality counts, right?

I immediately came home and washed the towels so they would be ready when our guests arrive on Friday evening. While folding them last night, I realized that maybe price doesn't have as much to do with the quality of the towel. Hopefully you can see what looks like bleach marks on the towel. They are on ALL of them! Fortunately, today when I was taking them back to Target, the associates were VERY friendly and did not have a problem with my return.

Please don't think that my title is too harsh on the quality of Target's bath linens. This was our FIRST set of Target towels. Of course, we could go on the advice of the Target associate that we talked to the other night, "You get what you pay for." These towels were BRIGHT blue when we bought them.

SO, tonight we went to HomeGoods and bought some really trendy towels. They are in the washer right now. I'll let you know how they come out.

Garden Update: We had a hailstorm last night and the new flowers took a severe beating. I think that they will survive but they are not as pretty right now.
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