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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Toetal Experience

What a weekend! We had the absolute pleasure of having Abbey's cousin Jason and his fiance' Leslie visit us this weekend. I believe that everyone had a great time. Here's a quick run down of the weekend.

1. The happy couple arrives around 9:00 PM. The movie, 9:00-5:00, with Dolly Parton (before enhancements) is on our TV.
2. Pleasantries are exchanged for a few minutes before we remember to let the couple know that they can sit down.
3. We talked for a couple of hours with the TV on mute (now Numbers is on followed by the local news, although we did unmute for a story on the 90 year old teacher who has been forced to retire by the state of Florida.)
4. We're tired so we go to our respective bedrooms (yes, we have three)!
5. Abbey and I talk about Jason and Leslie when we get behind closed doors. "She's really great," Abbey says. "Yes, I am so glad that she and Jason found each other," I say. "Can you believe how similar their lives are," she says. "I'm so glad they come from good families and are so dedicated to God," I say. "She's very approachable," she says, "This weekend will be great." Kiss, pray, and goodnight.

(I bet you're ready for a picture now aren't you!)

6. Saturday AM: Wake up and talk about breakfast. I decide to go to "Donut Palace" and pick some up. I get back and L is finishing getting ready. Jason and Abbey are downstairs talking (I'm not sure what about). I make coffee for the company and we eat our donuts.
7. We sit around and talk for a little while and then decide to go to Nashville.
8. We went by the church that was destroyed on the way to the N.
9. We went to eat lunch at Noshville Deli. It was great. Abbey got a "Fran Cheesy" hot dog, Jason got a chicken salad sandwich, Leslie got a BLT, and I got a Grilled Cheese with bacon.
10. We decide to drive over to Opryland (You just have to go there when you're in Nashville right?).
11. We walk around Opryland for a while and then decide it is time to go. We stop at Chik-fil-a Express for cool beverage of the absolute WORST lemonade I have ever had.
12. We drive over to Opry Mills.
13. We walk around Opry Mills and Jason and Leslie get new flip flops. Jason gets two new shirts, as well. I get new boxers (exciting right). Abbey does not get anything, however, she looks at Vera Bradley because her birthday is next Saturday. We decide we'd like to see a movie.
14. Lots to see, nothing really appealing except maybe "Failure to Launch". It comes on in an hour. What to do? Let's go to Starbucks for a Frappacino and wait.
15. Watch the movie. It was really a pretty good movie. Matthew Mc is Abbey's favorite "dreamy" actor (that's okay, I like Julia Roberts!).
16. We get out of the movie and we go to Demo's downtown. We wait behind a party of 53. Finally, after 1.5 hours, we are seated and we eat a delicious meal. We talk a little about the upcoming wedding ceremony. Jason and Leslie are not very particular about it, it seems. I don't think I should wear something tacky or use tribal wedding vows though.
17. We drive home and go to sleep.
18. Wake up and go to church. Jason and Leslie come to watch Abbey teach Sunday School.
(Okay, okay, here's another picture.)

19. We go to service and it was awesome. The music was great and the speaker was really good. Then I came out on stage with Whipped cream on my face along with my faithful sidekick, Lindsey (she had strawberry whipped cream on her face). We were advertising the dessert auction.
20. Go to Cracker Barrel for lunch, exchange goodbyes and well wishes.

I think everyone had a good time. We are very excited about our new family member Leslie. She is just what we have been praying for Jason. I think they will have a very happy marriage and we will continue to pray for them.
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