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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flat Reed: Daddy's Diaper Bag

What's a Daddy supposed to do? On the one hand, he's got to help with the baby. So, when the baby needs a bottle or maybe a clean diaper is he just supposed to grab the ole Vera Bradley diaper bag and head on into the men's room changing table? I don't think so!!!!

My MIL bought me this "Reed's Daddy" Diaper Bag. It will be a great help to tool around Taiwan with the diaper bag on my shoulders. It will also be nice when I need to go to change Reed-O's diaper in the men's room at Cracker Barrel. Not that there is anything wrong with Vera Bradley, but her patterns just really aren't that masculine.

Flat Reed says, "Daddy looks a lot cooler with this bag on his shoulders than the one that Mommy carries."

Flat Reed had to burp on one of the new burp cloths Reed has! Mommy was careful not to get any stains on it!
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