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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Flat Reed: Are We Going Somewhere?

I know Flat Reed has only been around for around 5 months now, but he's quite the smart little piece of foam core. One thing that he has noticed is that Mommy doesn't do the ironing very often. Daddy also told Flat Reed that he hasn't seen mommy doing the ironing much in the past 6 years.

So, lately, Mommy has been ironing Daddy's clothes and Flat Reed is beginning to think something is up.

He doesn't think that it is that odd, because Mommy is just ironing Daddy's uniform (well, it's not an official uniform, it's a self-imposed Polo with Khaki's.), so he didn't know if he had cause for concern.

But, then I noticed him staring at the suitcase. I wasn't sure if he was worried that he was going to be put back in it or whether he was suspecting something. Finally he came out and asked and I had to break it to him. He wouldn't be making the trip to Taiwan. We love Flat Reed, but that doesn't compare to the real thing!

We're so excited we could pop. He's a breakdown of where we are. We've received our travel information and our in-country guide's information from our agency. We have flights reserved and our hotel room. I am trying to make sure that everything is done at work and Abbey is doing the same at home.
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