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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flat Reed: Just Doing Some Yardwork

Earlier in the week, Flat Reed discovered his first drought. Well, our yard has become so disastrous that I couldn't take it. The daylilies were beyond dead and they just made the beds even more full. Flat Reed decided to take out the pruning shears and go to cleaning.

It didn't take him long, but it did take a lot of sweat! Can anyone explain why it's a hundred degrees??? The good news is that our total utitility bill has stayed below $150 so far this summer. That includes water Aunt Ava!

Since we're on the subject of water and Aunt Ava, I would like to point out that we tried that watering the potted plants thing, but they still dried out. Well, it helped that Mommy depended on the weather man while I was in New Mexico. Did Lola and Pop Rox teach y'all that you can't depend on the weather man when he says it's going to rain?

Can you find Flat Reed in the picture below?

Now the beds look so much better! Flat Reed is such a great son. I bet the real one is even better.

Now, for a little surprise. Today, as I was eating lunch with a few coworkers I started telling them about how we periodically have wildlife in our yard. Just as I was sitting down to blog, I saw this crossing the street.

Umm. Tasty flowers.

I quickly grabbed the camera and my phone to call Mia's mommy and tell her to get Mia out to see the deer. Mia's mom thought I asked if she liked something else that rhymes with deer.

Look by the tree in the one above. It was hard to get Flat Reed and the deer in the same picture.

Here he comes back through our yard and into the woods behind the house. We live in a subdivision but behind out house is wooded.

Then, just as I had finished downloading the above photos I saw a red truck slowly driving in front of our house and a man was pointing out the window. Guess who had come back to our backyard?

I can't wait for Reed to get home so he can see the deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds (which have been plentiful in our backyard lately, despite the fact that I have not refilled the birdfeeders all summer). Maybe we can get a chipmunk. All animals are welcome in our yard, except skunks and of course, oppossums (Mommy and Daddy think that God might have intended for them to be extinct by now, but they just missed the memo!).

Praying for our baby! We appreciate our readers doing the same!
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