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Friday, August 03, 2007

Flat Reed: My New Glider

Flat Reed's great-grandmothers got him his glider. When Abbey picked it out, she thought that the fabric was green, but it turned out that it was yellow. That made very little difference, in fact, I think that the yellow looks good in the room. Flat Reed has enjoyed rocking in the glider.

Flat Reed has been busy the past few days putting even more finishing touches on his room.

These little boxes are over the twin bed in his room. They were originally blue, but we painted them white. Flat Reed likes all of the little elephants in them.

Mrs. Sprinkles bought Flat Reed this little glass elephant today when she and mommy went to eat lunch.

Today Enna was in meetings at her school, when the computer the presenter was using quit working. Enna volunteered her computer, but when they plugged it in, look was appeared. I think Enna took advantage of the opportunity to tell everyone once again about her grandson.

Tomorrow is our 6th Wedding Anniversary. We had really hoped we would be celebrating in Taiwan, but it looks like we'll be celebrating at Cheesecake Factory. Maybe we'll hear something soon!
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