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Monday, August 13, 2007

Flat Reed: Daddy's Work Shower

Today, my wonderful coworkers threw Abbey and me a giftcard shower in honor of baby Reed. It was a tremendous blessing. Reed will be set for a quite some time. It was "airplane" themed! Here's all the passengers.

Our pilot, Captain James, put together a very funny routine that explained all of our "safety" options.

Mommy and Flat Reed took part in one of the games of trying to guess who some of my workers were as babies. I didn't do very well and I see them everyday! Notice the plane windows on the wall.

Here's a game where Abbey and I competed blindfolded to dress a baby doll. Guess who won? Not me!

Above is the champ in progress. She did WAY better than I did!

The flight attendants served soft drinks and snacks. We were certainly not on Northwest Airlines. They didn't charge for the snack. Also pictured in this picture is my good friend and Reed's Nasvhille "Uncle Bill."

The hosts and hostesses of the shower:

James - Editor in Chief (younger curriculum), Trudy - editor (all ages), Patty - Editor in Chief (broadly graded), Kay - Editor in Chief (middle children - she's also Abbey's editor!), Peggy - Technichal Specialist Extroardinaire (preteen team), Flat Reed - best baby in the world, Me - Editor in Chief (preteen curriculum), Abbey - best wife and mommy ever, Andrea - copy editor extraoardinaire (preteen team), Jessica - Graphic Designer Expert (preteen team). I have a great team to work with! They did a wonderful job on the shower.

Us in front of the window!

Gifts and giftcards

Super cool diaper cake!

Trudy (AKA Trixie) taking our boarding pass.

more gifts and giftcards
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