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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

When Sleep Doesn't Come...For Reed

Dear Reed,
Sometimes at night, I can't sleep. And when that happens, I think of you. The other night, I thought of something. When it came to mind, it made me catch my breath. Literally. I thought about the first time I will hold you. My reaction surprised me as much as the emotion I felt. And, it started a new thought in my mind. Often people think children who are adopted and their parents miss a lot of "firsts." Oh, how wrong they are...
I can't wait for
The first time I see you, not in a picture, on a video, or via computer.
The first time you cry, and I'm there to comfort you.
The first time you smile, and I'm there to see it.
The first time you laugh, and I'm there to hear it.
The first time you need your diaper changed, and I'm there to change it.
The first time you wake up, and I'm there to greet you.
The first time you're hungry, and I'm there to feed you.
The first time you experience something new, and I'm there to experience it with you.
The first time you see your Daddy, and he sees you.
The first time you take a picture, and I'm in it, too.
The first time you see your extended family, and I see you see them.
The first time someone doesn't have to ask if I have children, you're there as the answer.
The first time you get to experience Target, and I'm there with you.
The first time someone asks when I'm coming to get you, and I have an answer...
So many firsts, I'm ready to experience.
I love you, Reed,
Your Mom
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