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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flat Reed: The Beetle Convertible

Flat Reed had a great time in Mississippi this past weekend. It was really hot, but we had already decided that we would rent a Beetle convertible. The first day, we rode with the top down for about an hour out of Nashville when we realized we were getting sunburn.

We forgot to take any pictures of Flat Reed with the convertible, so I asked Abbey to take some pictures with him in the convertible before she returned it. I asked her to take the top down, but she said she couldn't figure it out! Hmmm.

It was a bazillion degrees, so we pretty much only took the top down at night. On our way home on Sunday night we left the top down the whole time. It was a beautiful drive.

Abbey was, however, VERY scared that Flat Baby was going to fly out, so we had to put him in the floor board.

The above is a picture of our first house we bought several months after we got married. We looked at it 2 days after it was complete and really loved it. It was a great house, but it didn't take us long to realize that it was small!
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