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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Flat Reed: My First Fall, uh, I Mean Drought

The words of a popular song a while back started "all the leaves are brown." Well, that could be said of our yard this summer. It is so dry around here. The funny thing is, that our last home, in Texas is still swimming in water. It was almost always a drought in Texas, but the other state that starts with T is now pretty dry.

All of our potted plants are nearly dead or dead already.

The leaves are falling off the trees because it is so dry. Our backyard looks like the third week of October and feels like the Sahara.

I have never let our yard look so awful, but I have been having a little trouble being motivated this year. Our beds in our front yard are too full. Now that our house is about 8 years old, the bushes have matured and the space has run out for annuals, so everything is packed in there. We are going to have to do some landscaping surgery before next year. The real Reed should not be exposed to such hideous yardwork!

Does anyone know why weeds can grow despite the lack of water?

Today marks 2 months since our first hearing. Keep praying, we are and need everyone else to. We are sure that God hears our prayers and will answer them. We miss that little guy a lot.

Given our current lack of rain situation, go ahead and throw in a prayer for some moisture too! The poor cows around our house are wading in dry ponds! I guess they have good imaginations.
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