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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Flat Reed: Where's Reedo?

One of my coworker's gave us this quilt the other day at the shower. It is perfect for Reed's room and will be a great blanket for him. He's going to love all of the animals on it. It has the same animals and has the same colors as his room.

After playing on the mat for a little while, Flat Reed would get in one corner and lay as flat and still as possible. You would be surprised how hard that is for a six-month-old inanimate object. They don't make those flat children they way they used to when we were kids.

Anyway, he would lay still and see if we could spot him on the quilt.

Were you able to pick him out?

You still can't see him? Hint: Look between the tiger and the monkey.

In other news, Flat Reed has what we plan on being his final face. That's right, since we are aniticipating our final ruling any day now, we are hoping that we are done with updates and on to travel plans. It's amazing to look and see how much he has changed over the past few months.
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