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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Flat Reed: MMMmmm ... Brownies

Okay, well, it took me long enough, but it has finally happened. I have never had a desire for chocolate. I've never thought it was bad, but I never thought, "Ooh, I'd like some chocolate." For the past several days, even weeks, I have been really wanting some chocolate! So, tonight when my cravings couldn't be contained any longer, Flat Reed and I fixed some brownies.

Flat Reed was so excited. He was a great helper, but he did not like the oven. Something about being paper didn't really agree with his extreme heat. He said, "Hot Daddy!" I said, "Thank you!"

A nursery full of toys, closets busting at the seams with toys, toys downstairs, toys upstairs, and what does the boy choose to play with? The empty brownie packet!

They sure were yummy looking when they came out. While we waited for them to cool, we watched "Over the Hedge."

Mommy ate a regular brownie, but Flat Reed and I put chocolate syrup and whipped cream on ours! Yum!

More people got their travel news today! We're happy for them! We still haven't heard anything. Praying for something!
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