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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Look at Reed taking a nap in his big boy bed. Reed started Mother's Day Out again today. He had a fun time, but he did not take a nap at school.

When I got home, Reed was awake, but he was still really sleepy and GRUMPY! So, I decided to see if he wanted to lay down again.

The answer was yes!

He slept and slept. So did I! Finally, at 6:00, Abbey came to wake us up. I had a good reason to be sleepy. I was completely into the men's gymnastics finals last night, and that doesn't really work well when you get up at 5:00 AM to go to work!

Reed woke up from his nap with quite the hairstyle. And to think, some people pay to have their hair done this way.

Now, we're tired because Abbey stayed up even later than I did last night to see the end of the men's gymnastics. It looks like we might have another long night tonight because we have to see Michael Phelps go for his 11th gold!

I just heard a story about one of the Chinese gymnasts. She has been in "training" since age 3 and she has seen her parents maybe once a year. She called her parents at one point to tell them she wanted to come home and they wouldn't let her. It almost seems inhumane that they would even be allowed to compete in the Olympics. ... And, I don't for one minute believe that those girls are 16!
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