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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Throwing Rocks!

Reed was in an incredible mood yesterday when I got home from work.

His mood was boosted when he saw that I had brought him his very own drink from Sonic. He was even happier when I told him it was a Coke with a double shot of chocolate. Of course, I had my fingers crossed when I told him that because it was really Sprite.

While Abbey prepared supper, Reed and I went down to a developing street in our subdivision to throw some rocks.

Reed had a blast!

He was especially impressed when I threw rocks into a big puddle of water. He seemed mesmerized by the splashes.

Today, Reed went to MDO and had another great time. He colored another picture.

So far this week, Reed has the following new words: Juice, Cracker, Bubbles, and Mine.

Reed is also getting over his need to cause complete destruction and is now actually helping put clothes in the dryer, he is helping pick up things, and even stacked three blocks the other day.

Tonight we went for a walk after supper. Abbey tried a recipe that she made up and it was really yummy. It was like a ham, hashbrown and corn casserole.

Reed has his first diaper rash right now. It was really strange, but Tamara told us it is common when babies are teething. I changed his diaper and nothing was out of the ordinary. About 1.5 hours later, I changed his diaper again and there was a bad rash.

After several changes using A & D ointment, Reed's rash has really started to go away.

... and now, as promised, the video of us karaoking the other night at Brandon's party. We dedicated this one to our wives. Megan dedicated her portion of the song to Britton. Enjoy. Volume should be low if you don't want hearing problems!

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