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Monday, August 11, 2008

Helping Mama at Church

Abbey had to go to church to do some work in her Sunday School classroom today, so Reed got to go help. First, though, he needed some juice to get him kick-started.

Once there, he had a fun time riding on the elevator.

He is so smart. He led the way to Abbey's classroom and he's only been to her room twice.

He thought they needed some music to help him work. Notice that his tongue is out. That is totally generic. Since we can't exactly say that it's genetic when he does something like us, we decided to say generic. He gets his tongue-out-while-completing-task trait from me.

"You want to hear track number 1 Mama?"

After all that hardwork, Reed was hungry so the Batson's came over for supper. Reed and Britton tried some of Abbey's signature brownies!


We are totally addicted to the Olympics. Michael Phelps is incredible! I was googling him and found that his father and he are pretty much estranged. I cannot imagine how it must feel on either side. As a father to watch your son break every record in the book and not want you there, or as a son to not want your father there to watch. I might not ever win a gold medal (okay, let's face it, I'm NEVER going to win even a bronze), but no matter what I do, I know my Daddy loves me and he would be there if I did! Reed can also know that I will always be there for him. Some things in life are better than medals, and one of those things is knowing your family loves you, I think!


CVS this week:

1 Alavert 5.99 ($4.00 off coupon) earned $3.00 ECBs
1 Skin Effects 6.99 earned $5.00 ECBs

Used a $2.00 off 10.00 as well.
Used $5.00 in ECBs

$2.41 OOP

Earned $8.00 in ECBs

5 More transactions were each the identical:

1 Glucose Monitor $14.99 (Used $30.00 off coupon, adjusted to $14.99)
1 Bag of M & Ms $2.00

Used $2.00 off $10.00

OOP: $1.56

On the 5th transaction, I earned $5.00 in ECBs for purchasing $10.00 worth of M & Ms.

I will send in the mail-in rebates for the glucose monitors and will earn $74.95 in rebates. (I've already filled them out and they will go out in the morning).

So, for today:

Spent $5.00 in ECBs
Earned: $13.00 in ECBs
Spent: $10.36 OOP
Earned: $74.95

Net Gain: $72.59 - I'd call that a GOOD DAY!
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