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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Big Boy Bed?

Reed had a busy day! He woke up and went to church.

Then, after church, we went to eat lunch with Britton and family at the Catfish House.

Reed ate some lunch and then was a little fussy, so I decided to hold him on my knee. Gigi came to see Reed and was looking at him a little funny.

Apparently, while I was bouncing him on my knee Reed fell asleep!

So, we finished up lunch while Reed slept on my lap. Then, we came home and Reed and I took our Sunday afternoon nap.

After naptime, Reed and I went to CVS, but you can read more about that in a minute. We went to church tonight for a miniconcert. Reed enjoyed the first few songs.

But, then he began to get a little wild! So, we left after about an hour. It was a bluegrass style concert and that is certainly not our thing.

Reed loved clapping. Apparently the camera was too slow to catch Reed clapping after an especially lively number.

This is when Reed was starting to get a little restless.

______________ CVS for today

This was not a great ECB week, but I did end up with some good deals:

3 Tubes of Crest
2 Tubes of Colgate
1 Bottle of Dawn
1 Pack of "Energy Shots"

I had coupons for everything except the "Energy Shots" but they were free after ECBs.

So, I used coupons, $10.00 in ECBs, and $1.73 OOP.

BUT, I left with $13.50 in ECBs, so I had a net gain of $1.77 after OOP is taken into consideration. Any time that you make money while shopping is a good day, right?


As for Design Star, we were very excited that Jennifer won! She completely deserved it. Does anyone know where Mikey V was?


Number 2 in the 7 Days of Abbey:

Her Spirit (Soul). Abbey is an amazing Christian. One of things I desired most in a spouse was someone who complemented me, spiritually. Abbey is an excellent answer to my prayers. She has wonderful spiritual wisdom that has helped me so many times in the years we've been together. It's wonderful to have a spouse who you know prays for you. Abbey is a Sunday School teacher and her kids love her. She also is a published writer of children's curriculum. She has written for Bible Teaching for Kids, Worship KidStyle, and Vacation Bible School. She does an excellent job!
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