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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Singing, Dancing, and Clapping!

Tonight we had our Children's Choir kick-off and it was a blast. Reed had a great time. We had a kid-friendly family group there and they were EXCELLENT!

There were balloons and inflatable balls and MUSIC! Reed thought that it was just for him.

He decided that he would dance with the music, which of course, was quite entertaining.

Mr. Brandon and I are teaching Children's Choir together, so we are expecting a good time. Reed LOVES Mr. Brandon.

I think that Reed is getting over his stranger anxiety, because tonight he went to anyone that humor him by throwing him the ball.

This is the life, a ball in one hand, a maraca in the other, and great live music as well.

"Praise the Lord!"

In other news, Reed is a slobber factory currently, as he is apparently getting an entire mouthful of teeth at one time. Thankfully, this has not made him especially fussy.

We ate supper at Danny and Megan's. The Batson's were also there. Reed entertained us all by dancing in his diaper on their hearth. It was hilarious.

We had a little more trouble with Reed going to sleep tonight, so we are still trying to "perfect" a method with that.

Notice in the picture above that Reed thinks he is one of the big boys.
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