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Friday, August 08, 2008

Silly Reed!

After resting last night, Reed decided that he was going to need a little more rest for the energetic day that he was planning on having.

Reed, thankfully happy, was quite the little ball of energy today. He took about an hours nap today, but that has seemed to carry him very far. As it is 9:50 currently and he is still RUNNING AROUND THE family room like crazy!

When I got home, Reed was ready to play! He loves to be chased.

Abbey made pizza for supper. While we were eating, Abbey asked if Reed could say pizza, and all of a sudden he said it!

We went to Lowe's and then thought Reed might be ready to go to sleep. I laid down with him for almost an hour. He didn't fight sleeping, but he would not go to sleep.

Now we're watching the Olympics and I have a few comments: big surprise I know!

First of all, I am really not happy with the way China has blocked some American athletes from attending the Olympics because of their advocacy for the people of Darfur.

Next, the fact that they would not recognize Taiwan as a country makes me really angry. Of course, we are really partial to Taiwan, so I think they should be nice to them. Taiwan deserves recognition as they fought for their freedom!

I hope that the USA does wonderfully at the Olympics. My favorite part of the Olympics is watching a USA athlete get the Gold medal and hear the national anthem.

Now, I am going to post something that we hope you will find amusing. Even if you disagree with Reed's stance on the presidential elections, I hope that you will find him cute in the following video. Update: Email us if you want to see.
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