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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Balloons for Me?

Last night, we had a Sunday School party which was a scavenger hunt. What Brandon didn't know though, was that it was all a ploy to get him to his SURPRISE 30th birthday party! He was pretty surprised.

The only problem was that Reed thought that the party was for him, because there were balloons there, and Reed believes that where balloons are so must he be.

The party was so much fun. We had a karaoke machine and it was a blast. Brandon really loves karaoke, and between the two of us, we really got to ham it up. If I had time, I would upload a little video of the guys singing "Elvira".

It seemed like every time that we saw Reed, he had a few more balloons. Our friends thought it would be fun to tape them to Reed since he didn't seem to like the slip-knot way of having them on his wrist.

It was really funny. Reed LOVED the balloons! He also loved the "buffet" style food. He enjoyed grapes and even pulled a whole bag of chips to the floor. Thankfully, Tamara didn't care, and she thought it was pretty funny.

It was a great party and we want to wish Mr. Brandon the BEST 30th year ever!

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