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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Giving Mama a Scare!

Today Abbey and Reed went to G'ville and did a little shopping. Abbey had a $25.00 Gymboree giftcard that was burning a hole in her pocket. After Gym, they went to Target. All of a sudden Reed started shivering and Abbey said he started getting blotches on his skin.

She called me and I told her to call the Peds. They asked her about what he was doing and then said to monitor him and take him to the ER if it continued.

By the time they arrived home, Reed's temp was 103, so that scared Abbey so she called the Peds again. They told her he might have had a seizure, but it was probably a mild infant-type one.

They called back and said that the doctor wanted to see Reed, so we took him in. We had the last appointment for the day, so we got out late and didn't make it to church. His doctor was so nice and was thrilled when Abbey began describing what happened and realized it was not a seizure, but probably just happened when his temp rose so quickly.

Ultimately, she said Reed had a cold and the early stages of an ear infection, so we got an antibiotic. Needless to say, Reed gave Abbey quite the scare today.
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