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Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's Walking Whom? (... and a Great CVS Run)

Reed and I had a busy afternoon. We went to Wal-Mart to get my new glasses, CVS (more later), Catfish House, and then a walk.

As we walked, Reed decided that he needed to take a break and he laid down.

He enjoyed the freedom of walking without having to be in the stroller.

He took off in front of me, who was trying to take pictures, hold the end of the monkey's tail (leash), and push the stroller in case Reed got tired.

He decided he needed another break, so we rested a moment in someone's driveway.

Reed contemplated what he wanted to do next and he decided he wanted to go throw rocks. We went down a new street in our subdivision and Reed got to throw rocks.

Shortly, thereafter, he had a meltdown where he didn't want to walk or ride in the stroller. He only wanted me to hold him. He got his 18-month shots so probably wasn't feeling 100%.

I am trying to make the best use possible of the $2.00 off $10.00 coupons that are currently good at CVS. The only annoyance is that it is really easy to make it to $10.00 so, I have a lot of transactions. We are part of the "test market" for the new sale run dates, so our sale started today and this week can be summed up as very woman-centric.

Trans 1:

1 Zip Fizz $5.99
1 Playtex Tampons 4.99

2 off 10
8.00 in ECBs
1.00 oop


8.99 ECBS

Trans 2:

2 OB Tampons 9.00
1 Kotex lightdays 1.49

2 off 10
2 - 1.50 off OB
5.00 in ECBs
.60 oop


5.49 in ECBs

Trans 3:

Schick Intuition 9.99
1 Powerade drink mix .49

2 off 10
2.00 off Intuition
6.00 in ECBs
.59 oop

Earned 5.00 in ECBS

Trans 4:

The ad says "Buy $15.00 of Advil, Centrum, or Caltrate get $5.00" so I bought 4 bottles of Advil at $4.19 each. I used 4 $2.00 off coupons, and 1 $2.00 off $10, then $6.00 in ECBs. The ECBs didn't print, so I asked to return them. They couldn't refund the ECBs, so the store manager said just give him a full refund. I got $18.00 back!!! And, they did it all with a smile and didn't act like I was bothering them at all.

Trans 5: (different CVS)

1 Zip Fizz 5.99*
1 Children's Advil 5.79* (note: the ad says limit 1, but this is not true)

I paid cash from the overage earlier and earned: 11.78 in ECBs.

*The zip fizz says limit 2, the children's advil is supposed to be limit 1. However, on my receipt it still says I can buy 1 of each to get more ECBs. I am quite tempted to try again! I actually have already gotten 2 bottles of children's advil, despite the 1 bottle limit.

Trans 6:

1 CVS Tampon - 4.99
4 Packs Ivory - 1.39 each (5.36)

2 off 10
8.00 in ECBs
.35 oop

$4.00 in ECBs

Trans 7:

2 Secret - 3.00 each (6.00)
2 Gummy candy - .99 each (1.98)
1 Ivory - 1.39

2 off 10
1.00 off secret
1.00 2 Gold Emblem candies
5.00 in ECBs
.47 oop


1.00 in ECBs (however, Secret is Abbey's deoderant of choice)

Trans 8:

Rx for Reed's Eczema - 2.79 (after insurance)

Paid OOP, but used "earn $25.00 CVS giftcard for new Rx"

Total Spent/Earned today:

$15.82 OOP
$32.00 ECBs

$36.00 in ECBs
$18.00 Cash
$25.00 Giftcard


$4.00 ECBs
$2.18 Cash
$25.00 Giftcard
total CVS paid me: $31.18 Plus Products today!

So, I would say we had a pretty good CVS day!
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