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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Over the Highway and through the state, to Great-Granny's House we Go!

Okay, okay! I'm sorry that I didn't blog last night. I know that there are a lot of people read our blog, but I certainly heard it from several coworkers today about not blogging!

Abbey and Reed were out of town last night, which I will explain later in the post.

Of course, I bought Abbey a noise-making anniversary card for Reed to play with. So, he enjoyed pulling it out.

Abbey made my card the other night while she was at stamping. Reed thought it was pretty neat.

Reed and Abbey went to West Tennessee to Abbey's great-grandmother's house. Since we cleaned out our closet and garage we had TONS of stuff to take to the mission. We always take our donations to the mission, because they send us an itemized list of everything we donate and they give great values.

Reed liked Granny's MEAN OLD cat Charlie, but thankfully, we think Reed is allergic to cats! Thankfully, yes, because that means we won't have to get one!!!

Since Abbey and Reed were going to be at Granny's, Lola decided to come and spend the night too!

Reed is learning how to open the door by turning the doorknobs! That's a little scary, isn't it??

Reed and Abbey got home this afternoon and we went to church tonight. I had a meeting after church, so Abbey got to put Reed to bed. That made me sad, because I didn't get to put him to bed last night either. I think I might sneak in there in a few minutes!
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