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Friday, November 02, 2007

While I am Supposed to Be Eating

Sorry for the late Friday night post! I am in California to teach a conference so I am a little behind! It's only 9:15 here! I should be asleep, but I don't want to keep any pictures of our beautiful baby from you.

Reed seems to think of about a million things to do while he is eating his food in his highchair. One of his favorite discoveries is his pointer finger. Whether it is in his mouth, your mouth, my nose, or just plain pointing, he loves to use it. Seen here, he is showing mommy the fine stitch work someone did while sewing the straps on his highchair cushion.

Here, I am just guessing, but he is not impressed with whatever mommy put in his mouth!

Oh look, there's that strap again!

Sometimes he thinks that if he shrinks enough in his seat that he won't have to eat all of his veggies! That's just not the case. Mommy tries the "fruit/veggie/fruit/veggi" combo. I use the big spoonfuls of veggies until he screams then a spoonful of fruit!

"Mommy, I think I just saw a fruit puff on the floor over there!"

"I'll feed myself this time!" Almost Bubber, almost, the curved end is supposed to go in your mouth!!

That's it! Good Job!

Reed loves to use his hands. Sometimes we have to hold them in order to keep them from grabbing the spoon and knocking the food off it!
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