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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Moving Time!

The Big Move of 2007 is quickly approaching. Try less than one week now! So, last night we decided that we had better start packing! That's ingenious of us I know! Anyway, last night we started with the guest room. It is now completely empty except for the framed pictures which we don't plan on packing but just carrying over to the new house in the back of the van.

(By the way, the picture above has become a daily standard. We call this one "Reed Standing in the Window Wearing Brown Stripes")

Today was Reed's first real day to wear shoes as today was also very COLD! These are some ultra cute shoes from Wally World!

Reed is so excited about moving! He can't wait until he gets his new super-sized room and his very own play room. Okay, well, we are going to be sharing the bonus room!

When it was time to go to church, Mommy tried putting Reed's Polo jacket on. Aunt Ava gave him the jacket, she bought it before we even had a picture of Reed.

Reed didn't care who bought it, he just had one thought going through his mind, "If only I could my hands around Adam's neck I would choke him for making me have to wear CLOTHES!" Needless to say, I don't think that Reed will be naming any of my future grandchildren Adam or Eve.

Did I mention he didn't want the jacket on!?!?!

He is really cute in it! Reed wanted to send out a special greeting to Ms. Melanie who has made a special effort to use the computer just so she can read what Reed is doing! Now, Ms. Melanie, Reed dares you to try to post a comment!
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