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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Can You See Me Now?

"Uncle Brookie can you see me?"

"I thought you said I would see a deer if I would wear camo!"

Our BIL is determined to make Reed a hunter, so when he came for a visit a few weeks ago he brought Reed a camo sweatsuit. Reed got to wear it today. Mommy was not expecting a really eventful day, but daddy called and asked them to come eat lunch with him. So, Reed got to wear his camo to Daddy's work!

It was good that Mommy and Bubber came to town because they ended up having to run some errands for the house. Our closing is scheduled for next week, and there were a few things that we needed to get done TODAY!

An aside: Don't you just love some mortgage people? We have had all of our stuff to them for oh, 3 weeks, and well, they decided to call today and tell us that they needed some different forms. WHEN DID THEY NEED THEM YOU ASK? Today! What's the deal?

BACK TO THE REGULAR BLOGGING! Since mommy didn't realize she would be out so long, she didn't bring any baby food. I met them at Target on my way home and we bought some. Some of the types were on sale for $.88 each, but when we got to the check-out we found that they were all $.88. That's a great deal! So, I went back in and bought a few more containers.

This is REED experiencing his first bite of corn (AKA Daddy's FAVORITE FOOD!).

I think he liked it!

A lot!

Did I say a few more packages of baby food? Umm ... make that 70.

For those of you who know me, and well anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows that I don't really do anything "a little," so why should me buying 70 packages of baby food really be surprising?

Jane went home today and we already miss her! We want her to move up here! She needs to find a job!
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