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Thursday, November 15, 2007

On The Move

"Mommy, does this picture need to go in this box?"

"How many fruit puffs do I get for filling up this box?"

"My stopper really helps me to get my packing done!"

"How many more boxes are there?"

"I think that this is the last one!"


The move from our old address has been completed. Now, we are happily settled on the same street, two doors down. We are across the street at least, however, you can see the whole old house through one of Reed's windows.

The painters have been here ALL day, but they are doing a wonderful job! It's now 9:30 and they are still going! We were really creative with our colors, we have used the exact same colors from the old house, just in a couple of different rooms.

Tomorrow we go to buy the lighting, new blinds, and appliances. Shopping at the Home Depot is FUN!
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