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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Months Family

Today, we had to work at the new house to get it ready to move in. Abbey and I cleaned all afternoon. Well, I cleaned and Abbey lined the cabinets with shelf liner. I think that I got the good end of the deal!

Aunt Bitsy (AKA Daddy's coworker, member of the same church, and avid LandLife (Reedo) fan!) came over and kept Reed while we worked at the new house!

I failed to mention last night that Ms. Jennifer came over to keep Reed while Mommy worked and I went to a Sunday School party for my Sunday School kids!

Thanks Ms. Jennifer and Aunt Bitsy!

Sometimes Reed is cool, calm, and collected while we feed him. Other times, it's like the twilight zone!

As it was tonight while I attempted to feed him!

Here's a video of him trying "vanilla custard pudding" (stage 2) tonight. I think he's going to be a fruit and veggie boy for now!

Today was the 2 month anniversary of Reed joining our family!

Dear Reed,

Everyday that we are with you is amazing. It's so hard to believe that it has only been two months. We can't remember life without you. You are such a happy little boy! Everyone notices how happy you are. You are truly a blessing to us. Each morning before I go to work, I quietly sneak in your room and touch your face gently. I quietly whisper, "I love you," and go to work where I impatiently wait being reunited with you and your mommy. Reed, if ever a baby has been loved, he is you. I hope that you will always know that. Our lives are better because you are in them, but it isn't just our lives. It's the lives of your grandparents, your church teachers, our friends, and the many people who read our blog just to see your smiling face! Tonight as I vacuumed your new room, I thought about all of the fun times that we will have in there. It's big enough for us to play with your toys and read books! It will be so much fun! Now your tucked in bed, quietly sleeping while your mommy and I contemplate our rich blessing. The blessing of you and the miracle that made us family!

love, daddy
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