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Monday, November 19, 2007

A Sofa Filled Day

The flooring men arrived this morning just in time for us to finish up breakfast. We were in the bonus room when all of a sudden a siren began to blow. It was our fire alarm. Apparently the dust from the saw really caused the alarm to stir, and it was at that time that we realized we had a REALLY great fire alarm system! It is LOUD and connected! There is even an alarm in the garage!

After the alarms were silenced, Abbey and I went downstairs to clean up our room to ready it for the flooring crew. Enna and Reed laid down for Reed to take a nap. Abbey and I completed our task and before we knew it, all four of us were asleep.

Once Uncle Bobby's phone call came in to wake Reed up, we got ready and went to order our new sofa for the bonus room. First, we stopped at Cracker Barrel.

Reed loves the fact that they give biscuits at the CB for him to munch on.

On the way out, Reed was feeling like Moses so he sat on the stack of baskets.

Reed's new trick is clapping and clapping loudly! He loves to clap!

We headed to Sofa Express to order the sofa. It was there that we found out that even though SE has not bothered to tell anyone or CHANGE their marketing strategy, they are no longer taking custom orders. That means that Sofa Express is now just an ordinary sofa store! Blah! We quickly informed them that we disagreed with this decision and headed to another furniture store!

We bought a sofa and it was a lot less expensive than the one at SE. We went to EXPO and ordered the countertops. Our trip then took us to the mall, then to Famous Dave's, then Jo-Ann and finally home wher we were ALL worn out!

When we got home, we had a package from Kobi and his parents. In it were 3 cute pairs of shoes and a brand-new outfit for Bubber! One of the great things about the Blogdom are the people you meet, and Kobi, Sherry, and Matthew are some of our favorites!
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