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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Little Painting!

This morning Reed woke up and was ready to do some work. Unfortunately for him, Mommy, Daddy, and Pop Rox were more interested in a little breakfast.

Pop Rox and Reed stand under the arch while Mommy fixes breakfast. Daddy seized the opportunity to take a picture.

Last night was not Reed's best night of sleep. It was his first night in his new room and he was not really thrilled with it. It was up and down, but eventually he went to sleep.

Finally, Reed got to do some painting this morning. He especially enjoyed climbing on the scaffolding that the painters had.

He also liked the way the bristles felt on his face when we brushed it across.

House update:

Painters are gone, everything is done except for Reed's Room, Guest Room, and Guest Bath. We are going to do those ourselves with the help of Lola.

10 new light fixtures have been hung, several more to go.

Fence company will be here to build the fence before Wednesday.

Flooring people will be here on Monday.

I think that's all for now!
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