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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Costume Party

Tonight Mommy, Jane, and Reed went to a costume party at our friends' house. Mommy and Jane went as Salt and Pepper, Reed went as well, a monkey! Big surprise there I am sure!

Reed went to get his haircut yesterday. This time he went to a different place called "Snip-its." Abbey liked it better than the last place that we took him to. It was more boy friendly. The last place was too much glitter!

Sorry about the sideways pics, but for some reason, I forgot to turn them around. I guess it is late and I didn't feel like being a good editor. Here are our friends Jimmy and Meilyn, although tonight they are Brangelina.

Apparently Reed tried making a phone call to me today. He was trying to call, but mommy didn't help him. I think that was kind of mean. I would have loved to have talked to him.

Reed is so cute when he is sleepy. He is wearing his new onesie in this picture that Mrs. Sarah from Hannah Claire's Web site sent him.

I am amazed, but Mommy was able to get a picture of Reed's tooth today. You see it poking through here in the picture don't you?

I had a good day of conference teaching today. We finished around 3:00, then Uncle Bill and I went to Hollywood, then Beverly Hills, then Santa Monica. We ate at this pizza dive in SM because we were starving and finally just decided to stop somewhere. It was really good, but was even more entertaining. The lady working the counter had taken this other lady's money. The other lady swore that she had given her a $10 and the clerk swore that she had only given her $5.00. From there, an all our yelling war ensued. They aregued for about 10 minutes until eventually the clerk gave in and gave her change to her. The lady then demanded a full refund to which the other lady would not oblige. Then, the clerk proceeded to tell everyone who walked in afterwards, including us, who had HEARD every bit of the situation occur, what had happened. She even began to call people to tell them in English and Italian. Finally, two guys came in and one was holding a hollowed out beer can with flowers in it. He gave them to the lady and said, "I wanted to make sure you got some flowers on your last day." Apparently, the lady was retiring around 9:00 PM tonight! Who would have thought someone who was retiring would have put up such a fight?

Anyway, I am ready to see my wife and baby. I will tomorrow!
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